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10th GBDe Summit

Recommendations & Reflection Papers

Each year, GBDe develops policy recommendations on specific issues with active policy development teams. These teams announce their recommendations at the GBDe Summit every year. This year, GBDe is developing policy recommendations in the following areas:

2008 Recommendations & Reflection Papers
2008 Issue Groups and Activities Plan
  • Digital Opportunity
    Utilization of ICT as a tool for promoting digital opportunity for all, leading to sustainable development and better quality of life
  • Digital Home
    New issues and opportunities in entertainment, healthcare and other fields
  • Ubiquitous Network Society
    The way Information and communication technology (ICT) products and services contribute to make society sustainable
  • Cyber Security
    Biometrics recognition guideline for current threats and preparedness
  • International NFC Micropayments
    Interoperability, proximity payments and global settlement with NFC technology
  • Consumer Confidence
    Privacy protection advocacy, trust marks and ADR support